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The Trail of the Serpent leads to Perdition

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Recollections of My Life – Mu'ummar Qaddafi

April 8, 2011 — In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

For 40 years, or was it longer, I can't remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food, I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert, I stood up to attacks from that cowboy Reagan, when he killed my adopted orphaned daughter, he was trying to kill me, instead he killed that poor innocent child, then I helped my brothers and sisters from Africa with money for the African Union, did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people's committees ran our country, but that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had ten room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more, and they told Americans and other visitors, they needed "democracy," and "freedom," never realizing it was a cut throat system, where the biggest dog eats the rest, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup. No, no matter what I did, it was never enough for some, but for others, they knew I was the son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the only true Arab and Muslim leader we've had since Salah' a' Deen, when he claimed the Suez Canal for his people, as I claimed Libya for my people, it was his footsteps I tried to follow, to keep my people free from colonial domination—from thieves who would steal from us.

Now, I am under attack by the biggest force in military history, my little African son, Obama wants to kill me, to take away the freedom of our country, to take away our free housing, our free medicine, our free education, our free food, and replace it with American style thievery, called "capitalism." But all of us in the Third World know what that means, it means corporations run the countries, run the world, and the people suffer, so, there is no alternative for me, I must make my stand, and if Allah wishes, I shall die by following his path, the path that has made our country rich with farmland, with food and health, and even allowed us to help our African and Arab brothers and sisters to work here with us, in the Libyan Jammohouriyah. . . Full story:

[CIA's] al Qaeda plants its Flag in Libya

al Qaeda flag over Libya

November 1, 2011 — The black flag of al Qaeda has been spotted flying over a public building in Libya, raising concerns that the country could lurch towards Muslim extremism . . . complete with Arabic script reading "there is no God but Allah" and full moon underneath[as planned in 1871]. . . one can now see both the Libyan rebel flag and the flag of al Qaeda fluttering atop Benghazi’s courthouse. . . the guard told me "this flag is the true flag of Islam" . . . Full story:

Comment: Note the gold fringe signifying loss of freedom under Admiralty Law.

The Mark of the Beast

May 5, 2011 — Revelation 13:11-15, "I beheld another beast coming up out of the Earth [America]; and he had two horns like a lamb [civil and ecclesiastical power], and he spoke as a dragon [Rome]. And he exercises all the power of the first beast [Rome] before him, and causes the Earth and all who dwell therein to worship the first beast [Rome, Revelation 13:1-3], whose deadly wound was healed. And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men [the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima], and deceives those who dwell on the Earth by means of such miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to those who dwell on the Earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life to the image of the beast [the once Protestant United States], that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast [or submit to the will of the United States] should be killed".

Empowered by the Vatican, the image of the beast is now killing all who do not submit to its edicts! After the first three and a half years of Daniel's Seventieth Week, the Vatican will abrogate her agreement with the international Jews and command every one to receive her mark in their right hand, signifying submission to her will or in their forehead, signifying submission to her trinitarian doctrine, on pain of death. Full story: Is Libya being bombed because Gaddafi wants to introduce a Gold Dinar? Russia says IMF Chief jailed for discovering all US Gold is Gone.

Libyan gold dinarTHE BRUTAL MURDER of Muammar Gaddafi by Zionist-owned Libyan insurgents is an example of what happens to political leaders who defy international Jewish bankers. [Greek Prime Minister Papandreou quickly took note]. Gaddafi refused to do the bidding of the Rothschild-centered global banking cartel in five areas . . . Is it any surprise then that the three major invaders of Libya—America, England, and France—whose Zionist-bought [Jewish] leaders: Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy, are praising the brutal and slow murder of Libyan chief, Muammar Gaddafi? Full story:

Comment: Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Egypt, and Libya have already paid the price as nations. Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Iran are short listed for national death (Daniel 11:43). Not satisfied with exchanging paper Libyan Dinars for which printing was prepaid, for gold, Britain is demanding that bombarded, bereaved, largely broken Libya, pay compensation for its "liberation." And there are plans to introduce legislation that would use Gaddafi's frozen assets to pay for US military actions in Libya.

Brits and their Puppet Obama plan WWIII in Middle East

November 4, 2011 — US statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche spoke over the din of panic and turmoil surrounding the Greek and Eurozone debt crisis on 31st October to emphatically warn that the British-controlled stooge Barack Obama, the British government itself, and Sarkozy of France—the troika who illegally murdered Libya's Qaddafi—intend to launch an attack on Southwest Asia [the Middle East] to unleash WWIII.

The British Crown/City of London-centred leadership of the collapsing trans-Atlantic financial system will not allow Asia to keep functioning economically while the West disintegrates, LaRouche declared, likening the situation in the Middle East to the Balkans at the turn of the last century, which Britain's Edward VII manipulated and destabilized to organise WWI to arrest the economic rise of Germany and the transcontinental railway development across Europe and Russia, which threatened to eclipse Britain's sea power-based Empire.

(Greek Prime Minister Papandreou's dramatic backdown overnight from his decision to put the latest bailout package to a democratic referendum, under excruciating pressure from the Eurozone leaders and the G-20, including Australian PM Julia Gillard, on behalf of the City of London, shows that when financial push comes to shove, their commitment to democracy is a complete sham, and what is now reigning in Europe and spreading worldwide is fascism, the stepping stone to war)...

LaRouche explained the economic context: "So this is a very large force, poised in an area. . . . This is not going to be two targets. It's going to be a massive attack on Asia. Look at the consideration: You have, in the trans-Atlantic area, you have a number of nations, Europe and the Americas, and except for Argentina, they're all in bad [economic] shape . . . So you have a crash, a decline of one part of the world, the trans-Atlantic part of the world is crashing! By the way, you're living in it, in case you didn't know it. This thing is rotting, it's dying. But Asia, typified by Eurasia, Russia, China, and India, and other countries, are not crashing, yet.

"So now you have a war that's planned, and an operation is planned—the [financial] bailout continues—an operation that means that the entire trans-Atlantic sector of the world is now crashing, into oblivion! Into economic oblivion. The Asia side, however, typified by the Eurasian side—Russia, China and India—is not crashing. It's not in the best of shape, but it's not crashing. Now, you are going to suggest to me, that the British Empire, with these a****s who work as United States' people, and Western Europe, are going to sit there, and destroy themselves, while Asia, in the form of Eurasia, China, India, and so forth, are going to live, not so merrily, but in relative prosperity? You think that the British Empire, with its stooges, is going to do that? Don't be dumb!"

He continued, "Now, they're going on to another operation: They've got a tremendous force, deposed in an area, for an attack on Asia! Including all kinds of nuclear weapons . . . This is a full-scale commitment, to an attack on the entire Eurasian continent, especially the Asian side. And it's a military operation, with a full panoply of every kind of weapon for general warfare [and] nuclear warfare! Essentially, a nuclear warfare capability, with all components: Submarines, various kinds of ships, a vast accumulation of US troops in that whole region, with auxiliaries tied in? You're looking at World War III, and nothing less than that. . . Full story:

China-US Energy Geopolitics: the Battle for Oil in the South China Sea

October 31, 2011 — A new area of potential confrontation is developing between China and the US. According to reports, Exxon Mobil which has acquired exploration and production rights from Vietnam has discovered substantial gas reserves in the South China Sea off the coast of North Vietnam. . .

It is important to view the confrontation between US and Chinese oil and gas interests in the broader geopolitical context. The potential clash between Washington and Beijing in the south China sea is intimately related to the broader battle for oil waged in the Middle East-Central Asian chessboard, where China has significant interests in oil and natural gas as well as pipeline routes.

The South China sea is an area of potential military confrontation. The South China sea is in the area of deployment of the Seventh Fleet, which, in a bitter irony played a central role during the Vietnam war. In the wake of the Vietnam war, Vietnam has become a de facto proxy State controlled by Western and Japanese corporate interests.
In July, the US Navy together with Japan and Australia conducted major military exercises in the South China sea in maritime areas contiguous to the contested offshore oil and gas exploration concessions. These drills were followed by joint naval exercises between the US and Vietnam in August, which were seen by Beijing as constituting a veiled threat to China.
Full story:

Australia makes New Military Pact with US

November 2, 2011 — AUSTRALIA will become the US's closest military ally under a new treaty that will give local defence firms unprecedented access to the US market and speed up the flow of American arms to Australia.

Defence Materiel Minister Jason Clare will introduce the Defence Trade Controls Bill 2011, to enact the Australia-United States Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty, into Parliament today. The move coincides with the visit on November 16-17 by US President Barack Obama, who will address a joint sitting of Parliament in Canberra and then join Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Darwin to ratify a new agreement allowing US forces to base equipment and stores in northern Australia. This is the first step in a proposal for a permanent US military base on Australian soil. . . Full story:

Comment: Biblical ignorance and treachery by City of London puppets.

RFID Chip can Kill Disobedient Slaves!

October 22, 2011 — This implanted chip can kill. (Bypass nonsense on 666).
Full story:

US and Israeli Tech Teams develop "Malworm" to take down Iran's Computers

November 2, 2011 — Facing mounting concern about Iran's nuclear program, a top US and Israeli technical team has developed an improved computer "malworm" designed to take down all of Iran's computer software.

According to former and serving US intelligence officials, leaders of the three major software companies, Sergey Brin at Google, Steve Ballmer at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle have been working with Israel's top cyber warriors and have now come up with a new version of a Stuxnet-like worm that can bring down Iran's entire software networks if the Iranian regime gets too close to breakout, according to US intelligence sources. . . Full story:

Comment: Propaganda from the City of London's Axis of Evil—USA, Israel and Britain. And such an ungodly boast! "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter"! This is Genesis 3:15 manifest in Matthew 24:37. As it was in the days of Noah: "God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (Hebrews 4:12). And the Lord was sorry He had made man on the Earth, and [again] it has grieved Him to His heart."

Palestinians to push for Statehood at UN on November 11

October 20, 2011 — Palestinian diplomats are trying to muster support for a UN Security Council vote in New York on November 11 on their bid for membership in the global body . . . Any member of the Security Council can request a vote on the Palestinian request, but a resolution recommending membership requires a minimum of nine "yes" votes and no veto by one of the council's five permanent members—Britain, China, France, Russia and the US.

Once the 15-member Security Council recommends a country's membership its application must be approved by a two-thirds vote in the 193-member General Assembly. Washington, Israel's closest ally, has already pledged to use its veto if Palestinian membership gets the support of nine or more council members. . .
Full story:

The Dönmeh: The Middle East's most whispered Secret

October 25 2011 — [A] sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. . . The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi's followers, known as Sabbateans, but also "crypto-Jews," publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan. . . which organized the secret Young Turks. . . who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. . .

AttaturkIt was Ataturk's and the Young Turks' support for Zionism, the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, after World War I and during Nazi rule in Europe that endeared Turkey to Israel and vice versa. An article in The Forward of May 8, 2007, revealed that Dönmeh dominated Turkish leadership "from the president down, as well as key diplomats . . . and a great part of Turkey's military, cultural, academic, economic, and professional elites" kept Turkey out of a World War II alliance with Germany, and deprived Hitler of a Turkish route to the Baku oilfields" . . . it was the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks that not only murdered hundreds of thousands of Armenians and Assyrians but who also stamped out Turkey's traditional Muslim customs and ways. . . Turkey as a member of the European Union was fine for Europe as long as the Dönmeh remained in charge and permitted Turkey's wealth to be looted by central bankers like has occurred in Greece.

When Israel launched its bloody attack on the Turkish Gaza aid vessel, the Mavi Marmara, [it] . . . was . . . vengeance and retaliation for the Turkish government's . . . purging of the Turkish military and intelligence senior ranks of Dönmeh. . . pro-Israeli, and pro-Zionist. Full story:

October 26 2011 — An Iraqi Mukhabarat (General Military Intelligence Directorate) Top Secret report, "The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots," dated September 2002 and released on March 13, 2008, by the US Defense Intelligence Agency in translated English form, points to the Dönmeh roots of the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. Much of the information is gleaned from the memoirs of a "Mr. Humfer," (as spelled in the DIA report, "Mr. Hempher" as spelled the historical record) a British spy who used the name "Mohammad," claimed to be an Azeri who spoke Turkish, Persian, and Arabic and who made contact with Wahhab in the mid-18th century with a view of creating a sect of Islam that would eventually bring about an Arab revolt against the Ottomans and pave the way for the introduction of a Jewish state in Palestine. Humfer's memoirs are recounted by the Ottoman writer and admiral, Ayyub Sabri Pasha in his 1888 work, "The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism."

. . . the first Kingdom of Saudi Arabia monarch, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe, a Jewish merchant also from Basra. . . At the outset of World War I, a Jewish British officer from India, David Shakespeare, met with Ibn Saud in Riyadh and later led a Saudi army that defeated a tribe opposed to Ibn Saud. In 1915, Ibn Saud met with the British envoy to the Gulf region, Bracey Cocas. Cocas made the following offer to Ibn Saud: "I think this is a guarantee for your endurance as it is in the interest of Britain that the Jews have a homeland and existence, and Britain's interests are, by all means, in your interest." Ibn Saud, the descendant of Dönmeh from Basra, responded: "Yes, if my acknowledgement means so much to you, I acknowledge thousand times granting a homeland to the Jews in Palestine or other than Palestine." Two years later, British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour, in a letter to Baron Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Zionists, stated: "His Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people . . ." The deal had the tacit backing of two of the major players in the region, both descendant from Dönmeh Jews who supported the Zionist cause, Kemal Ataturk and Ibn Saud.

After World War I, the British facilitated the coming to power of the Saud regime in the former Hejaz and Nejd provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The Sauds established Wahhabism as the state religion of the new Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, like the Kemalist Dönmeh in Turkey, began to move against other Islamic beliefs and sects, including the Sunnis and Shi'as. . . there were other "deep states" in surrounding nations and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria were mentioned by name. . . close links between ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and the Binyamin Netanyahu government in Israel may be seen in an entirely new light . . . It makes sense that the Sauds have been successful in engineering a dubious plot involving Iranian government agents trying to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington in an unnamed Washington, DC restaurant. . . Full story: See also The Secret Wars of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance.

Comment: For further information search "House of Saud" and "Donmeh" in our previous Newsletters. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought cabinet support for a military strike against Iran. Meanwhile, the British government has also signified that were Washington "to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes" against the Islamic Republic, Her Majesty's government would support the Obama administration's resolve for a pre-emptive attack on Iran. A War on Iran has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon since 2004. Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme is the pretext and the justification. Tehran is also identified as a "State sponsor of terrorism", for allegedly supporting the [CIA's] al Qaeda network.

Assisi 2011

Assisi 1986

October 30, 2011 — As early as the first of January 2011, in his New Years' address, Benedict XVI invited believers to celebrate a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the of the Assisi Peace prayers. . .
Full story: Babylon in Assisi. Amos 3:3, "Two cannot walk together except they be agreed on the revealed Word"? The Church of Antichrist celebrate the Assisi commemoration on October 30, 2011.

The Pope's Failing Health

October 28, 2011 — Pope Benedict is now 84, the same age his predecessor at the time of his death, and he's clearly starting to slow down. But he might not have to die to relinquish the papacy—he could retire.

Benedict XVIJoseph Ratzinger was elected in the secret conclave a few weeks later, and became Pope Benedict XVI. At 78, he was the oldest new pope in nearly 300 years. It would be an exaggeration to claim that the world's media are preparing for the next papal passing with the same vigor as they did last time, but there is definitely new attention to this pope's health. . . Earlier this month, when he started using the same rolling platform to navigate St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican journalists wondered aloud if he was unwell, and preparations for the inevitable began in full. "The purpose is exclusively to alleviate the efforts of the Holy Father, as already happens with his use of the Popemobile during entrance processions in outdoor ceremonies and in St. Peter's Square," assured the papal pressman Father Federico Lombardi. Still, a sudden surge in Vatican accreditations told the real story.

Pope Benedict XVI has had his own share of medical mishaps and threats. In 1991, before he was pope, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that briefly affected his eyesight. In 1992, he suffered a blackout and fell in his bathroom, cutting his head and requiring stitches and a brief hospitalization. During his 2009 Easter Mass, he briefly stumbled, causing a mild panic among his aides to prevent a full frontal fall on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica. During a summer vacation in the Italian Alps in July 2009, he fell and broke his wrist, and needed surgery to set it back in place. Again in 2009, during a Christmas Eve Mass, a mentally deranged woman jumped the barrier inside St. Peter's Basilica and tackled the pontiff to the ground. He was unharmed but visibly shaken by the event.

No matter how long this pope may live, the popular pastime of guessing the next pope—naming the papabili—is already well under way in many Roman corners. But this pope wouldn't necessarily have to pass away to set the wheels in motion. He could retire. When he headed the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, he tried to retire twice "due to poor health," but his predecessor John Paul II refused to let him go. He acknowledged in a biography co-written with German journalist Peter Seewald that he saw nothing wrong with retiring from the papacy: "If a pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation to resign."

Prominent Italian Vatican journalist Antonio Socci fueled further panic last month when he wrote in Libero newspaper that this pope could call it quits next spring. "For now, he [Joseph Ratzinger's personal assumption], is saying that this may be true but I hope the story does not reach the news," Socci wrote. "But this rumor is circulating high up in the Vatican and therefore deserves close attention. The pope has not rejected the possibility of his resignation when he turns 85 in April next year."

Idle speculation aside, this pope shows no clear sign of budging soon. And other than a few natural setbacks that come with age, he is not exactly where his predecessor John Paul II was at the same age. But that hasn't stopped Vatican watchers from wondering and the media from preparing. Full story:

The Trail of the Serpent leads to Perdition

The original sin resulted in miscegenation, for if Satan could hybrid Adam's race, Michael would have no kingdom, for to redeem is to buy back a former possession. God can only redeem His Own Word. His Word is Spirit and it is eternal Life, when it is added to or diminished it is no longer His Word and Life, but a hybrid, and death so that although Adam was a manifestation of God's unchanging Word, offspring hybrid outside his genealogy are irredeemable, and dead.

Multiculturalism (so-called) is in fact multi-racialism or miscegenation and accursed of God, and Satanic. Globalization is a repetition of the original sin of a global scale. Jesus foretold the two besetting sins of this end-time would be homosexuality "as it was in the days of Lot" (Luke 17:28-30; Genesis 18), and miscegenation "as it was in the days of Noah" (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4).

Question: On the subject of physical Serpent's seed a Brother opined, "Surely a child of miscegenation between the seed of the Serpent and the seed of Adam whose progeny consistently married into Adam's race over many generations would be pure Adamites"?

I assured him it is impossible to transform a hybrid into a pedigree which is the multiplication of God's spoken Word "whose seed is in itself." God's law of reproduction allows no evolution or change in specie, for everything must reproduce "after its own kind" (Genesis 1:11; I Peter 1:23-25). God's Word is His Spirit and Life expressed, when hybridized by adding to or taking from His unchanging Word it is no longer His Spirit and eternal Life but death. Thus the natural hybridizing of God's manifested Word returns crops or animals that are sterile (dead) or whose progeny is deformed. While spiritual hybridizing of God's written Word as exemplified in the Apostles' Creed (so-called) that advocates belief in Babylon's pagan trinity of gods, communion with the dead, and in the Judaeo-Roman Universal false church which is neither holy or apostolic, makes the Word of God on no effect and her members twofold more the child of hell than her priests—"trees whose fruit withers, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots" (John 6:63; Jude 12; Revelation 2:14; 22:18-19).

Terms such as white-blackbird, drunk-sober man, and sinner-saint are oxymoron's as is "Christian-Roman Catholic," for one cannot be born-again outside a clear revelation that transforms your life into a "written epistle" of "the present Truth"—what Jesus is doing now (II Peter 1:12; I John 1:7). Adam's descendants were foreknown from the foundation of the world and their names recorded in the Book of Life which is his genealogy and manifest reproduction of God's Word. No names can be added to the Book for that would be to deny God's omniscience, and Cain's lineage will never be found in its pages. Since Jesus Messiah is the last Adam and not the last Cain, He is the "near Kinsman" exclusively for antediluvian pedigree Adamites through Seth, and post diluvians through Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Brother Branham said, "Nowhere did it ever speak that Cain was ever considered to be anything in the genealogies of God. Now, just look and find out if it's so or not; search it out. And Luke [3:23-38] comes over and names it right back again, and puts down from Adam. Not one time is Cain ever mentioned in the whole thing. And if Enoch (See?) was the seventh from Adam, where did Cain come in"?

". . . Where's Cain at, the firstborn? The birthright's to him; where'd he come from? He was the Satan's seed, and not God's. Wasn't Adam's either, 'cause Adam's son's name was Seth. Cain, the serpent's seed, slew his first son which was a type and shadow of the serpent also slaying his other Son, Jesus. And Seth took his place in the genealogies, which meant the resurrection that the genealogies of God would completely be carried on. I want to see somebody put him in there now and say it wasn't the serpent's seed. It wasn't recognized in the genealogies of God's, or neither the genealogies of the human race, the genealogies of Adam, any of the rest of them" (C.O.D., p. 1135:329-330).

How can Adam's genealogy, which is the Word of God, be continued through the hybrid? Cain and his seed are born LOST! Miscegenation was Satan's initial plan to cut off the Kingdom of God root and branch. If you marry a man or woman of Cain's race you have committed genocide to Adam's race, for the offspring of your union and their offspring down the line will never be on the Book of Life.

To be king one must be born a prince with the birthright in the royal bloodline, likewise, God's elect "Kingdom of priests" were written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world and accounted in Christ on Calvary (Revelation 13:8). In Him we paid sin's price and in Him we were raised free from guilt or stain and can never come into condemnation, which would be double jeopardy (II Corinthians 5:13-21; Romans 8:1-39). As attributes of the Logos our names can never be removed from the Lamb's Book of Life; we are the Spiritual lineage of Christ the Word, born anew by faith in "the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world" and eternal with Him.

One cannot "join" the natural family of the first Adam anymore than one can "join" the Spiritual Family of the Last Adam. Unless we are "born" into those families we will never belong or share their privileges and responsibilities. John 3:3, "Unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God".

If we study the original sin of about 4000BC we find that although Cain was born of Eve his father was the Devil-incarnate Serpent: Cain was a hybrid and not in Adam's race but accursed of God with no inheritance in this world or hope in the world to come. At the time of the Flood 2,000 years later not one hybrid had bred into the Book of Life yet Adam's race had either eliminated itself through miscegenation or the genealogically pure had been blotted from the Book and salvation through their unbelief. But Noah was righteous and he and his three sons by his first wife and their wives were genetically unimpaired (Genesis 6:1-13). Genesis 6:4: "There were giants in the earth in the days [of Noah]; and also after that, when the sons of God came in to the [Serpent's seed] daughters of men, and they bore children to them, these became mighty men [giants] as of old, men of renown." 2,000 years after the Flood the Serpent's seed is extant and has not bred itself onto the Book of Life.

Question: "Brother Branham, in Genesis 6:4, after the flood, where did the giants come from?"

The Prophet replied: "These giants were the sons of Cain, whose father was the Serpent, who looked in every respect exactly like a man, but was a great, huge fellow, bigger than a man. And that's where those sons came from, because they were the sons of Cain, because they were Canaanites in the land of Canaan, where they come from; and that's where Cain went. . . See, that also proves the Serpent's seed. It was a different race of people altogether. That was Serpent's seeds. . . See, they were Canaanites, these giants; and they were the sons of Cain, which was the son of the Serpent" (C.O.D., p. 943:Q242).

In Genesis 9:18-27 we learn the wife Noah brought with him in the ark was not the mother of his three sons, but the beautiful Serpent's seed Naamah, who seduced his son Ham and bore the Serpent's seed Canaan after the Flood. God cursed Canaan and in Genesis 10:15-20 we find his seed was driven out, beaten asunder and scattered throughout the world as foretold by his forefather Cain (Genesis 4:11-14).

Brother Branham made a most interesting statement regarding His creation, "Now I want to go into some certain proof we have that there is a definite affinity between man and animal. It is a physical thing. Do you know that you can take the embryo cells from an unborn fetus and inject them into human beings? Then those thyroid cells will go right to the human thyroid, the kidney cells will go right to the human kidneys. Do you realize how stupendous this is? Some intelligence guides those animal cells exactly to the right place. That intelligence accepts those cells and puts them in exactly the right place. There is an affinity between animal and man. They can't intermingle and reproduce" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 102:1).

He was speaking of hybreeding and the Serpent's seed, and as "Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and lived in the land of Nod [that is "wandering"] east of Eden" away from the Light of unfolding Spiritual revelation which follows the Sun westward to eternity, building cities and technically advanced civilizations throughout the world, so his seed through Canaan returned to the same regions after the Flood, building cities and technically advanced civilizations. "Those thyroid cells will go right to the human thyroid, the kidney cells will go right to the human kidneys. Do you realize how stupendous this is? Some intelligence guides those animal cells exactly to the right place. That intelligence accepts those cells and puts them in exactly the right place." Thus we see the Serpent's seed wandered back to its ancient haunts in the East and elsewhere in the world. Jesus exposed a branch of that family in Matthew 23:33-35, "You Serpent's seed, how can you escape the damnation of hell? Therefore, take notice: I will send you prophets and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify; and some you will flog in your synagogues and persecute from town to town: that upon you may come all the righteous blood that has been shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zachariah the son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. I assure you, all this will come upon this lineage".

Of natural Israel Brother Branham would often sing:

                The fig tree is growing, Jerusalem's restoring,

                Her national life, long dethroned;

                Today she is calling

                Her latter rain's falling,

                Return, O dispersed to your own.

To Spiritual Israel he cried, "Come out of Babylon and be filled with the Spirit, that you do not partake of her sins and receive not her plagues. . . in her was found the blood of prophets, and saints, and of all that were slain on the earth"  (Revelation 18:4, 24; Matthew 25:6; I Thessalonians 4:16). As every Israelite resident outside the land of the Covenant is without the Old Covenant, so everyone in Adam's race who is not born-again is outside the New Covenant. The natural types the Spiritual: Christ's end-time Bride is called back to our Homeland, which is in Christ the Word (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Revelation 10:7).

Isaiah 13 describes the opening of the Sixth Seal at the end of our
dispensation with a prophecy against the nations and denunciation of judgment
on MYSTERY Babylon (when the union between the spiritual and physical
Serpent's seed disintegrates – Daniel 2:40-45; Revelation 17:12-18).
It is a compound prophecy, for as the Medes, Persia and Armenia ended Judah's captivity under the first Gentile world empire by defeating ancient Babylon in man's day, in the day of the Lord He will assemble the modern "Medes" and all the apostate nations to execute judgment on Judah's present-day captors as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 where Magog represents Russia, which sprung from intermarriage between the Scythians and Medes. God will execute His fierce anger on the arrogant non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews who are foreigners to Israel bound neither by ties of piety or possession and will "flee like scared gazelles or a panic-stricken herd, every man to his own people, and every one into his own land" (Isaiah 13:14-17; Jeremiah 46:16; 50:16).

Following the earthquake, Mount Moriah bare of temple and
mosque will be a signal whereby the Lord beckons and calls to these "Medes," His "sanctified ones with the kingdoms of the nations He has mustered together to enter the gates of [Zion's] tyrants and execute His judgment" (Isaiah 13:1-5; Joel 2:1-11; Zephaniah 1:14-18). It will also signal believing exiles of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, and Israel's ten tribes, to return to the land of the Covenant for their redemption (Matthew 24:3, 29-34). "The day of the Lord comes as a destruction from the Almighty . . . cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to make Earth a desolation and to destroy the sinners out of it." As with the shock attack at Belshazzar's feast, men's hearts will fail as volcanoes and quakes "shake the heavens, turning the Moon into blood when Earth moves from its axis, darkening the Sun and extinguishing the stars; and for fear of [tidal waves, the great tribulation, biological and atomic warfare] prophesied to come upon earth" (Isaiah 13:7-10; Zechariah 14:12; Luke 21:25-28; Hebrews 12:25-29). Three and a half years later "All kindreds of the earth shall wail," when in hindsight they recognize this was Christ's second or 'parousia' Coming to Israel (Revelation 1:7).

When Noah discovered Ham had committed incest with his Serpent's seed wife Naamah, he cursed the hybrid offspring of their illicit union. "And he said: Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brethren." That is, the lowest and vilest of servants, afterwards characterized, "hewers of wood and drawers of water," in distinction from the ordinary subjugation of a conquered people. Danby's English translation of the Jews' Mishna denotes Canaan and his descendants as 'excrement'.

Genesis 10:15-19, "Canaan begat Sidon his firstborn [progenitor of the Phoenicians], and Heth [progenitor of the Hittites], and the Jebusite [who settled the Judean hills and founded Jerusalem], and the Amorite [a powerful and aggressive nation who settled in Canaan but later conquered Babylonia and produced king Hammurabi], and the Girgasite [who settled between Galilee and the Dead Sea], and the Hivite [a people who moved to the foothills of Lebanon during the Israelite conquest of Canaan], and the Arkite and the Sinite [who settled in Lebanon], and the Arvadite and the Zemarite and the Hamathite [who settled in Syria]: and afterward were the families of the Canaanites driven out and spread abroad. And the territory of the Canaanites extended from Sidon toward Gerar as far as Gaza; then toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim as far as Lasha." Many anthropologists base their studies upon language, however language is not a reliable guide to racial lineage for whereas the Phoenicians and Canaanites are Serpent's seed, their language is Semitic. "So close . . ."
(Matthew 24:24).

The Serpent's seed cultivated and built infrastructure in the land of Canaan which the Lord would bequeath to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob as the land of His Covenant with the Israel nation. He commanded Moses and the children of Israel, "When the Lord your God brings you into the land you go to possess, and has cast out many nations before you, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than you; when the Lord your God delivers them before you; you shall smite and utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them, nor show mercy to them"  (Deuteronomy 7:1-3). Note five of the twelve nations emigrated from the promised land.

The Old Testament is a shadow and type of the New, and the foregoing references to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel and Zechariah all foretold that the Canaanites would return to the land of Canaan, as they have: "some intelligence guides those animal cells exactly to the right place." Once again they have cultivated the land, established industries, and built towns and infrastructure which the Israelites will occupy after the Lord has caused many to flee to their homelands in Russia and Europe. This, too, was foretold by the Hebrew prophets (Psalm 17:7; Isaiah 6:10-13; 11:11-16; 13:14; 27:13; 49:17; Jeremiah 3:12, 18; 16:15; 23:8; 31:8; Ezekiel 37:14; 39:27; Micah 5:3; Zechariah 10:9-12; Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 12:14, and so on). The Lord always sends a prophet with warning and a way to escape the oncoming storm of judgment.

God wrote his first Bible in the stars as a sign to give Spiritual as well as natural light (Genesis 1:14-18; Psalm 19:1-6). As Romans 10:17-18 confirms, "Faith comes by hearing, and understanding the Word of God. I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth and their definitive Words to the ends of the world." Noah's grandfather "Methuselah" was a sign, for his name means, "When he is dead it (the deluge) shall be sent." And Noah like all prophets was a sign: as rain had not fallen on Earth, his Message taking form as an immense ship on a mountaintop was broadcast throughout the antediluvian world for 120 years by faithless men scoffing at their one means of deliverance (II Peter 3). Now faith is a clear understanding of the mind of God so despite universal ridicule Noah patiently transformed his faith into the substance of things hoped for, but because "the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was continually evil" Noah did not make one convert in all that time (Genesis 6:5).

diagram of finished Body of ChristMatthew 24:37 prophesied: "The moral and material conditions of Noah's day would repeat in the days of Christ's 'parousia' Coming in the office of Son of Man." As with Noah when the ark was abuilding and Jesus between His crucifixion and resurrection, our ministry in this holy convocation of the antitype of the fiftieth day of Israel's Pentecostal feast between the close of the Seventh Church Age and Christ's mediation in the office of Son of God and the first resurrection, is largely a witness against the scoffers who are lost (I Peter 3:18-20). Because "as it was in the days of Noah," Adam's race has either eliminated itself from the Book of Life through miscegenation with the physical Serpent's seed or the genealogically pure have been blotted from the Book through their unbelief, become spiritual Serpent's seed and LOST.

Looking at the representation of the stature of the perfect Man reproduced in the Body of Christ of all ages we see it was broad at the base and as it grew to maturity in the faith, it becomes a diminishing minority less and less like the world church system as "the tares are first gathered and bound into denominational bundles for the burning" and the wheat ripens into the image of Christ, each of its "lively stones fitted together and united by every contributing ligament, with proportionate power for each single part to contribute to the development of the Body and upbuild itself in love." So the Capstone of Christ's end-time Bride is honed so that we do not turn not aside to the right hand or to the left from THUS SAITH THE LORD.

The trail of the Serpent (expounded in our thirteen part teaching Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent) commenced in the garden of Eden where Satan incarnate the Serpent—a handsome man-like creature before God transformed him into a snake—and seduced Eve whom he first deceived on the revealed Word of God (Genesis 3:1-14; II Corinthians 11:1-4). The trail continued on this side of the Flood in Canaan, the bad fruit of Ham's incest with Naamah, to the days of our Lord when Satan incarnate spiritual Serpent's seed Judas Iscariot who betrayed Messiah to death on Calvary at the hands of the natural Serpent's seed (Matthew 23:33-35; John 13:2). Josephus informs us, "There are three philosophical sects among the Jews. The followers of the first of which are the Pharisees; of the second, the Sadducees; and the third sect, which pretends to a severer discipline, are called Essenes. These last are Jews [Judahites] by birth, and seem to have a greater affection for one another than the other sects have. . ." (Wars of the Jews, II.8:2). The implication is not that the Essenes were Christians, they were not, but that the vast majority of so-called Jews were Serpent's seed in the time of Josephus owing to the assimilation of the Edomites by John Hyrcanus in 123BC, (and much more so since the overnight conversion of the Khazars in AD740).

Now let us return to the question as to whether sexual intercourse can place the physical Serpent's seed into the Book of Life which is God's foreknown of Adam's lineage from the foundation of the world. Here is what Brother Branham said:

"And if you notice, out of the line of Cain come the smart men. Out of the line of Seth come the religious men, I mean, the vine of righteousness. Right there, those two brought forth the very line that we're living in today."

"If you'll notice today now (just in finishing this question), that lineage of Cain still exists, and the lineage of Seth still exists. They both come down just the same. Cain's children is here in Jeffersonville tonight, and Seth's children's here in Jeffersonville tonight. As the blood stream weakens and goes out, but that lineage still hangs on" (C.O.D., p. 304:585-590).

The pastor of one of our sister Churches wrote from Africa:

"This is just a testimony; I remember in 2009 while "Pastoring" the little flock in Katsina-Ala during my National Youth Service, for the first time I preached on the Serpent seed not knowing much in the Message then. I taught that the Roman Catholic mystery Babylon doctrine was the spiritual seed of the serpent. A history Lecturer in the College of Education in Katsina-Ala who attended my Bible study program and was himself a Catholic argued with me about it although he was very surprised at my ability to present the correct side of Church history. However, I noticed his wife who was also in attendance was quite interested although she wondered how?

The following day after cooking my dinner, thoughts of the couple kept ringing in my mind so I decided to go and see them. On reaching there home and knocking at the door, the man peeped through the window to see who it was. Discovering that it was I, he shouted, "Uzoho! Madam had a vision last night. Come in, come in!"

To be candid to you, my heart nearly sank into my stomach as I wondered "could be it a contrary thing"??? When I sat down he narrated that the wife had seen a vision in which Jesus Christ appeared to her. She said "I was not sleeping. It happened around 3.00am; a great Light shone in the room and behold, Jesus was standing before me. He said, "Believe it, my son told you the Truth. Have you not read in the Bible that, "the Sower went and sowed good seed and the enemy came and sowed tares"? So she jumped up from the bed and ran to husband's room shouting, "it's true! It's true! What Uzoho taught is true!!! Jesus appeared to me now."

Therefore the husband asked her,"OK! what did Jesus tell you if He appeared to you?" and she quoted Jesus words and the husband not knowing the Scripture said, "if Uzoho comes, we will ask him to show us the Scripture in the Bible, then we'll know it's true". When I came that evening I showed them Matthew 13. To be candid I never mentioned that Scripture in my teaching, and that became an eye opener to me that it refers to spiritual serpent seed; false gospel (II Corinthians 11:2-3,14-17).

Now the revelation is clearer. The Bible said "there were giants (physical serpent seeds) in those days of the flood and after those days" (Genesis, 6:4). You can begin to see the flaws in the two souls' teaching.

Secondly concerning sex in the beginning Brother Branham said, "Now, we find now that this fellow found Eve in the Garden of Eden, this young woman that knowed no sin, knowed not what her nakedness was. And he knew. He was smart, subtil, wise. And he told her, "The fruit was pleasant and it was desirable," and when he lived with her that morning. . . And then (See?), then the afternoon she persuaded Adam to do the same thing, telling him what it was. And then Adam deliberately knowing he ought not to have done it, walked out with his wife and did this act. Which, finally he would've come to it anyhow. But see, it had to be that way, the wisdom of God, 'cause this--then that displays His attribute to be a Saviour, Father, Healer. You've heard me preach on that. See? Now, if that hadn't have been done. . . (Power of Transformation, p. 19:129-131).

Brother Branham means lust by Satan's knowledge, not that they ought not to bring forth children through sex. What happened in the garden is sexual lust by Satan's carnal knowledge. Had Eve waited for her husband to take the lead, mankind would have been born through faith in God's Word but of course through sexual intercourse (devoid of sensual lust) as do the other female living creatures. Because of Eve's sin, and Adam's iniquity in taking his wife back to himself our soul is born dead in sin and trespasses. Had Eve waited for her husband to receive THUS SAITH THE LORD, we would not have been born separated from God in a sin-cursed world; we would have been born alive to the Word such that we would immediately begin to partake of the Tree of Life, which is Christ, and grow and blossom till we become glorified. The new birth would not have been required.

Brother Branham admonished us: "treat me like the Dutchman, taking me for what I mean, not what I say" (II Corinthians 3:6), and obey Acts 17:11, Romans 3:4, and Galatians 1:8-9.

Our Brother continues, "Here is further Light. As you can see Brother Branham mentions the blood stream which is physical, and he taught that the Physical line of Cain is still on Earth TODAY. He was talking about physical lineage of Cain versus Seth.

The Physical line of Seth is still on TODAY as well. Scripture says that there is enmity between the two physical lines as there is between the spiritual seeds. For example Herod was physical serpent seed, an Edomite, and Jesus was the physical manifestation of God's Spoken Word SEED (Luke 8:11) born through the woman. Abel, Seth, Noah, Methuselah, etc., were born of sex like you and me. Sex birth, Born in sin (Psalm 51:5)!!! And none of them was Serpent's seed although they had the fallen nature. But understand when those in the line of Seth reject the Light their names are removed from the Book of Life (Revelation 22:19). They are the spiritual seed of the Serpent and lost. The True Church is the Spiritual Seed of Christ, the redeemed. The false church is the spiritual seed of the Serpent and the enmity is still there".

Brother Branham said, "And the seed of the serpent, that's the killer. Many people don't believe that. But if you'll just read in Genesis, the Bible said that the serpent had a seed, "And I'll put enmity between the Serpent's seed and the woman's Seed." So the serpent had a seed. And if the serpent's seed was spiritual, then Jesus was not a man, so the woman's Seed was spiritual. They both had seeds, and the enmity is still there. The serpent had a seed. And if you'll just take your Bible and get down and be real reverent before God, I believe God will reveal it to you."

"And if you do not understand it, I'm available anytime to do my very best to help you by letter, or by personal interview, or anything that I could do to help you. 'Course we realize that doesn't save a man, neither does it condemn a man, but it only brings Light upon the subject that we're all trying so hard to get the people to see. It only brings Light. Now, to the audience that's visible, I said this because the tapes. You see? And these tapes go all—everywhere" (Seventy weeks of Daniel. p. 13:23-25).

Brother Uzoho continues, "The seeds are both physical (bloodline) and spiritual (word) and the enmity is still there today. Cain's name was not on the Book of life and never will be. NOT ONE of his children living today is written in the Book of Life. Many may be doctors of theology with great learning, and ministers of the Gospel, even believers in this Message, but as Revelation 17:8 informs us, they are without faith and without a Redeemer.

Brother Branham said there are those whose names are NOT written on the Book. (physical serpent seeds from Cain/Canaan's race). There are those whose names are written but will be removed (spiritual serpent seeds from Seth's race).
And there are those whose names are written and remained (the saved or Redeemed non-elect of Seth's race). The two souls teaching is wrong because the Bible said that if the soul that sinned repents it shall be saved, not replaced by another one soul".

Thank you, Pastor Uzoho. When Satan is cast down to Earth and incarnates "that man of sin, the son of perdition," the last pope of Rome (II Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 17:11). The natural and spiritual seed of the Serpent will "confirm a covenant" with the non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews in the Judaeo-Roman Universal Church which together with her apostate (once) Protestant daughter churches is at enmity with the True Church or Body of Christ (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 17:12-18). "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition".

Trail of the Serpent leads to perdition following the general resurrection and white throne judgment, when "death and hell are cast into the lake of Fire, which is the second death [two souls believers, the first death is that of the body, not the soul]. And whosoever is not found written in the Book of Life will be cast into the lake of Fire" (Revelation 20:14-15). nl710.htm

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